The most frightened dog of the shelter once woke up in the night and decided to say thank you to her mom


Nia has had a very difficult life in the past.

He had been physically abused and it had such a negative effect on him that she was completely locked up in a shelter.

But when she saw this dog for the first time, she just felt that she should take this dog home ․․․

The woman has rescued hundreds of dogs cause she has a dog rescue organization, but she has never met a dog with such severe injuries in her entire experience.

Nia was different from everyone. The dog also had an ulcer above her eye, which was evidence that she had been hit with some instrument.

All of this left a deep mark on Nia, both mentally and physically.

She was so frightened that when Kimberly tried to approach her for the first time, she quickly went back and pressed herself against the wall of the shelter ․․․

Kimberly still did not want to give up and she decided to carry Nia into her car, which weighed 49 pounds.

When Nia got to her new house, she found a corner where she felt most secure.

On the second night, while Nia was sleeping there, something seemed to pass through her mind.

When she saw her owner’s arm hanging from the side of the bed, she approached and started sniffing it.

She woke up to the feeling of her warmn breath; and it touched her so much, when she saw that the frightsened dog had finally begun to gain some confidence.

It was repeated almost every day and Nia seemed to want to express her gratitude to the angel who had saved her.

Day by day the dog was changing more and more and all her fears were starting to disappear.

Kimberly was overjoyed.

This was what she aspired to and dreamed of, so that the sweet dog would finally feel calm and happy.

All her efforts paid off, and Nia was growing up in a wave of love and warmth that would not have been possible without her.

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