The rescuers found the puppy in a plastic bag, who was crying incessantly, looking for his mom everywhere


The shelter workers found 4 -week-old disabled puppy named Bobby.

He was in a terrible condition and if they were a little late, maybe they couldn’t be able to save the baby.

They found Bobby in a bag, which had been left behind the bushes. He was very hungry and crying.

Bobby was taken to the vet at first, but the dog was so weak that they were not even sure the baby would survive.

Bobby looked very desperate and was probably looking everywhere for his mother to feed him.

The shelter staff was very upset with Bobby’s condition. The administrator decided to take care of Bobby himself.

Fortunately, within a week, the puppy’s health began to improve signiflcantly.

He finally started eating normally and does not look as thin as before.

The workers told that he has such a sweet character that he is ready to make friends with anyone he meets.

He has already won the hearts of everyone receiving more than 650 adoptiomn requests in a short time.

However, Chris, the administrator, had become so attached to the puppy that he could no longer part with him and adopted the baby himself.

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