The man had to leave his furry friend cause there was no other option left, but a few months later he finally was able to readopt him


Imagine that you have to leave your furry friend, because that may be the best solution at that moment.

This is what happened to the hero of this story, Luis Jimenez, with his beloved dog, Titus.

Titus was only 2 years old when Lewis came to adopt him.

He was not planning to adopt a pit bull at the time, but when he saw this dog, he just could not be indifferent.

We can call it love at first sight. From that day on, they spent the best five years together.

But one day, Lewis received some sad news that simply broke his heart.

The fact is that he was told to get rid of the dog, otherwise he would be expelled from that place, and at that time their family could not move anywhere, also there was no one who would agree to take care of Titus.

So they had no choice but to return their beloved dog to a shelter.

It was a very difficult decision for Lewis and he promised to return after his best friend.

It was also very hard for the poor dog. He felt very miserable in the shelter and missed his family very much.

The whole shelter was very sad for these two when they had to say goodbye to each other.

But after four difficult months, light finally came into their lives.

They were finally able to move to a place where it was allowed to keep a dog, and even an already larger area with a yard and a sweet boy could play all day.

Photos of their beautiful meeting were spread all over the Internet.

We are so happy that Titos is back with his beloved family and he feels happy again.

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