After being hit by car the poor dog gave birth to her pups, but she was in such bad condition that couldn’t even move


Nothing in this world can surpass motherly love ․․․ The life of a dog named Flower had turned into a real hell.

She was almost starving and did not know how to survive. After all these disasters, Flower was also hit by a car, which seriously damaged her.

The dog was in such bad condition that she was lying in the street in pain, hoping that at least one person would come to her aid.

But something even more unexpected and unusual happened. The flower gave birth to her puppies.

Although she was in terrible pain and could not move, even in that terrible condition she tried her best to take care of the babies.

She first cleaned the pups and then tried to feed them. But she could not survive long with such severe injuries.

Here a miracle happened. A rescuer heard the voices of the dogs and rushed to their aid. Seeing how bad the dog’s condition was, he rushed her to a nearby clinic, where she underwent a 6-hour operation.

Meanwhile, while Flower was recovering, the pups were still ”in safe hands”.

All the while, another caring dog was caring for them. She cared for them so carefully that she seemed to be their real mother.

Fortunately, Flower had a successful operation, but the story of the poor dog did not end there. Two of the pups died of infections.

It was such a heartbreaking moment. It was very difficult for everyone. Only one of the puppies was left, but he is also sick.

The puppy still has to stay in the intensive care unit and now it turns out that both of them, the brave mother and her son, are fighting for their lives. They certainly need our prayers.

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