The zoo staff found the best therapy for cheetahs which helped them become calmer and more confident


At first glance, you may not perceive what you see on your screens.

Yes, one of the most dangerous animals on the planet can be so sensitive that it can even hug a dog.

In fact, it is sometimes the case that they are very anxious, and this can also lead to the fact that they can not even have a generation.

That’s why these cute cats need help too.

And this is what the perfect solution looks like, which was the most unexpected for many of us.

After studying their behavior, it became clear that they obviously needed some help.

So the zoo staff found a way to solve this problem by assigning them dogs’ company as emotional support for them.

African animals are instinctively quite shy, and this can not be eliminated by human intervention.

However, when a predator spends a long time with a dog that is in a more dominant position, the animal begins to look at the dog to imitate its behavior.

It mainly refers to the fact that they can learn the calm behaviour and happy mood that is manifested by the dog.

And it really gave great results, after which the cat became more confident and ready for the challenges of its future.

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