The mother dog gave birth to 6 pups who like to take a long nap with their newborn brother


I will tell you the story of my life and the most wonderful family in the world. I recently gave birth to my six pups.

My people have already found eternal families for four of them, but the last two are still with me.

I’m very happy and excited because I know I’m going to be a very good mother.

The happiest thing is that my loved ones have also had baby recently, but not, but only one .

I have heard that people can have two or three children at a time, but this is also happens quite rarely.

Besides, they definitely do not need to worry about finding good homes for their little ones.

My family has always taken good care of me, so I know they will take the same care of my pups.

The 3 little ones are constantly sleeping and I do not mind.

My babies always wake up when my mom’s baby wakes up and then they sleep together again.

It was just amazing how fast our babies are growing up.

I’m looking forward to my owners’ baby to grow up a a bit mote so that my pups and I can play with him and have a great time together.

Now just look at their sweet photos. I get so excited when I see them together. My family is simply the best.

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