The cat’s condition was ever worse when day found him and even shocking how he could survive for so long


The photos clearly show the current condition of this cat, so it is too early to think about finding a family for him.

Seeing the cat, it even seemed that they would not manage to save his life.

It turned out that the photos did not even fully reflect how bad the cat’s situation really was.

He looked worse than he seemed. He was looking with such a look that he was obviously asking for help.

It is not clear how long the cat lived without food and water, but as a result it became dehydrated.

The cat was so thin that when it was taken home, even touching it seemed horrible. It was obvious that he was in pain.

The cat was then taken to a clinic for appropriate examination. But everything did not turn out as predicted.

The animal was in such a bad condition that there was not even a suitable vein on its body.

The cat’s body is free of fat. He looks like a walking skeleton.

For a long time because of the lack of food, the cat’s body literally started eating itself.

It was even shocking how the animal managed to survive for so long.

Now, according to the instructions of the veterinarian, they try to regain the cat’s weight.

The vet also prescribed treatment against parasites.

Let’s hope that the cat will soon recover and overcome all these hardships.

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