The service dog who helped the girl graduate from university, also got his own degree for the wonderful job he did


Service dogs are simply invaluable companions for people who need them. They are always ready to help in any way, whether medical or emotional.

In addition, they are wonderful friends who are extremely loyal and friendly. They will never leave you alone when you need them most.

This loyal service dog stayed with his beloved master throughout the graduation process until she graduated from university.

It is about Brittany Howlin and her faithful friend, her dog.

The fact is that the girl is in a wheelchair and suffers frrom a complex regional pain syndronme.

She was considered the perfect candidate to have a service dog, a few years ago getting the opportunity to spend her life with a miracle dog.

It all happened through the PawsForPrisons program. The dog proved that he fully deserves his job.

He did his job with great responsibility, going to all the classes with Brittany and helping her with things like opening doors and bringing different things. He is a true friend who also helps to deal with anxiety or depression.

It was the end of 2018, when that very important day was approaching ․ Brittany was ready to graduate.

But she knew that she could not pass that day without her wonderful friend. She could not have celebrated it without him.

And the thing is that the girl did not just want the dog to be by her side, but also to get his own degree. And so it happened.

Both of them were 100% awarded the title of ”Master of Occupaitonal Therapy”, participating in all classes.

After graduation, Brittany decided to continue the process of achieving her dream. That was to become an occupational therapist!

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