After receiving traumatic injuries the soldier and his loyal dog finally reunited again hugging each other very warmly


Alcos and Alex was attacked and the soldier and his dog found themselves in a very difficult situation.

They received a lot of traumatic injuries.

During all this time, although it was very difficult for both of them, the dog did not want to leave its owner for a minute.

Many soldiers were killed in the attack that day. Alcos had many broken bones, including injured limbs and legs.

The dog needed to have one of his leg amputated, so he had to be removed from service.

Alkozer was being rehabilitated at a veterans rehabilitation center. As for the dog, he was learning to walk with 3 legs.

The staff of the rehabilitation center helped them a lot to overcome all that easily.

Finally that day came and the dog was reunited with its owner. It was a very warm meeting.

They had to be separated again to continue the treatment, but it would be temporary.

Alcoser had to stay in the rehabilitation center for several more months until he fully recovered.

Doctors are very confident that he will be able to overcome everything and fully recover.

He is looking forward to the day when he will be able to return to continue serving his country again.

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