Here is the story of two adorable friends, who helped each other to overcome all the hardships in their lives


Buster and Miss are two inseparable friends who both had a rather difficult life wandering the streets of Arizona.

The hungry animals no longer hoped that anyone would come to their aid and save them from those cold streets, but finally the rescuers found them at the right time.

But even when they were brought to the shelter, they still did not separate for a moment.

The two of them had gone through all the hardships of their lives together , always consoling each other.

When they arrived at the shelter, the staff understood very well that they should not be separated, but they did not expect to find someone who would agree to adopt the two of them together.

They needed each other more than anything else in this world in order to survive.

However, the workers did not lose hope and started spreading posts about two inseparable friends on social media.

In the photo, Little Miss was lying on Buster’s back. The photo of the duet turned out to be just wonderful.

It received many responses from all over the world.

The shelter staff could not have imagined that it would spread so quickly and so many people would fall in love with them.

So many people applied to adopt these two that the shelter decided to draw lots, eventually choosing a family from California.

They are now enjoying their lives in their new family. The two sweet animals will now be together forever.

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