During the pandemic the sweet fox used to visit the family every day sleeping on the log in front of their house


One day Sarah saw a very amazing sight right in front of her house.

She and her father were so excited when they saw a fox sleeping on a log in fronf of their house.

Sarah’s father was also happy to see the fox.  They had never had a pet before, and that was so exciting to them.

The father was so fascinated by that event that he constantly took new pictures and posted them on the Internet.

Sarah told that there were only one garage behind the log, so it was probably very comfortable for the fox to sleep in a place where she could feel very calm and protected.

They sometimes noticed that the fox was not there, but then he always came back to sleep there.

Since foxes are considered to be nocturnal, they can sleep during the day and go hunting at night.

People, seeing the photos of the fox, were very excited too, like Sarah and her father.

Sarah’s father was so happy thathis posts about the fox immediately went viral and gave a smile thousands of people.

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