Although living in the street, the homeless man always takes care of his cats before himself


Although this man lives in the street and has a very hard life, that does not stop him from taking care of the cats.

This man is from Thailand, whose name is Lung Dum. Hhe has been caring for his friends for many years who have become his family.

Although he lives on the street, he knows very well what a sense of responsibility is.

This poor man sells limes on the street every day and buys food for himself and his friends with the money he earns.

Even on days when he does not have enough food for himself, he always feeds his beloved cats, regardless of the circumstances.

This story immediately spread on the Internet from the day when a woman noticed him selling lime, and seeing the inscription on the box.

She decided to take a photo of him and publish it on the Internet.

Seeing the picture, quite a lot of people came to buy lime from that man, and also a number of animal lovers brought quite a lot of food for his cats.

After that, a lot of people bought new clothes for the man and took him to get a new haircut.

However, even after his new transformation, he went back to the streets to continue his work so that he could take care of his cats again.

The story of Long Dum has already spread all over the world and inspired many people to always reach out to those in need.

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