The turtle has become mother at the age of 80 giving birth to 9 eggs


This kind of turtles can live of 10to 80 years. At the age of 80, turtles are basically very old.

As for the turtle with a name Nigrita, that was the age when she first became a mother.

This turtle proved to everyone that age is just a number and you should not focus on it.

That good news brought a smile to people all over the world.

Especially animal lovers were very happy, because they are worried about the danger of extinction of these species.

This turtle is considered Galapagosian. He now lives in a zoo in Zurich, Switzerland.

They weigh an average of about 900 pounds and can live more than 150years.

They are known to all as one of the longest-lived animals.

Unfortunately, this species is endangered by especially greedy people and hungry predators.

That’s why Nigrita is part of their breeding program, trying to bring these species back from the edge of extinction.

She gave birth to 9babies, which captured everyone’s heart.

Workers say this turtle is now the oldest animal in the zoo.

She is now enjoying her best years there.

Babies are still very little and tiny, so we still have to wait until they grow up to be the size of their mother.

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