She lost her lovely puppy two years ago and now they finally found each other and reunited again


After two years the reunification of Cameroon and his dog, Semper, simply moved everyone.

They had waited so long for that day ․․․ After all that time, they were so happy that they just don’t need anything to be happier.

Cameroon brought the dog home while her beloved’s dog was still a puppy.

She wanted to have a companion who would be by her side at the most difficult time of her life. Unfortunately, the woman was battling cancer.

That dog had been Cameroon’s lifelong dream and he helped her immensely and never left her side.

Unfortunately, something terrible happened. It was 2016 when the woman had to go to California for treatment.

She had to separate from Semper, leaving him in the care of her roommates.

But what happened just broke her heart. A few days later she was informed that the dog had disappeared.

Cameroon did everything to find her dog. She was looking for her day and night.

She shared announcements on the Internet, distributed leaflets, and asked everyone in the area about the dog.

Her friends and relatives also helped her. Then she applied to the police so that they could start looking for the dog.

Suddenly one day everything came to an unexpected turn. One day Cameroon found out that one of her former roommates had decided to sell the dog during her absence. Fortunately, their efforts paid off and the two souls were finally reunited.

We are unspeakably happy with the news of this wonderful reunion. We wish them inexhaustible love and happiness.

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