This is the most friendly dog ever, who likes to hug and give love to everyone he meets


When dogs fall in love with someone, they are completely devoted to that person. Their love has no boundaries.

This friendly retriever, whose name is Louboutin, shows love to almost anyone who passes by or approaches him.

His owner says that because of his dog’s extremely loving nature, their evening walks often take hours. He captivates the hearts of all who see him.

The friendly dog ​​is ready to hug all passers-by, such as wrapping his paws at the stranger.

The locals call Lubi “a hugging dog”. Of course, passers-by simply can not refuse such a hug, even if they are in a hurry.

They feel several times happier after meeting the dog.

Many who know the dog quickly approach him to get their share of love and get rid of the weight of the problems.

Louboutin is also popular on the Internet. About 190000 people are following him now.

After learning about the dog, they started inviting him to various events and conferences dedicated to pets.

Not surprisingly, the dog also tried his best as a therapeutic dog, and he did it perfectly.

On the International Doctors’ Day, Lubi also surprised the doctors and, visiting the hospitals, hugged all the doctors and nurses, giving them a few minutes of happiness.

Everyone just adores this dog. He is so sweet.

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