Two cyclists hurried to rescue the stray kitten, who was very scared, but after a while climbed onto the shoulder of the cyclist to get love


One day, cyclists Celine and Daniel were passing through Brittany, France, when they heard loud noises.

They decided to stop and find out what sounds were heard and where.

They noticed a very little and tiny kitten on the side of the road, which looked very scared.

When they wanted to help him, he would not let them approach him. He was terrified and began to miaow.

One of the cyclists decided to lie down on the ground and try to talk to him carefully so that the cat would not be afraid.

After a while, the cat began to realize that they only wanted to help him.

Finally he climbed on Celine’s shoulder, as if he already wanted them to caress and love him.

Since the cat was completely alone, they decided to take the cat home and take care of it.

However, since they were on bicycles, they had trouble moving him. Carrying a cat like that might not be safe.

They decided to hide the cat where they had found it, then hurried home to come by car to take the cat home.

Fortunately, the cat did not run away.  As soon as he saw them, he hurried out of his hiding place.

When they got home, they named him Mini Kitty.

From that day on, the cat became an integral part of their family.

He is the youngest member of the family, where there is also a dog and a cat. They are just wonderful friends now.

When the kitten fully regained its strength, he became a very lively and active sweet creature, who loves to hug and give love to everyone.

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