While walking the streets of Hawaii the woman noticed this wonderful dog who seemed to be their pet twin


Britany lives in Hawaii. She was walking with her dog one day when they met this wonderful dog.

The woman was so moved when she saw that dog, because it was looked like their dog.

They looked like twins who had lost each other years ago.

It is true that they didn՛t want to adopt another dog, but after meeting that dog, she could not just leave him.

They were so wonderful. So the three of them returned home.

At first, the new member of the family tried to control everything so that all the attention would be focused only on him, but after a while it all passed.

His caring owners taught him how to behave.

The two of them are now enjoying their lives and having a great time on the beach running and playing there all day.

They love each other very much and have become inseparable friends, who like to hug.

Their owners say that it was love at first sight. They are so happy to have met that sweet dog.

He made their lives even warmer and also became a wonderful friend for their pet.

They feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

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