The dog has become a mother to 22 rabbits, who takes great care of them․ Sweet babies just adore their “mommy”.


The video with this wonderful retriever immediately spread all over the internet.

The name of this wonderful dog is Bailey. She is probably one of the most beautiful and intelligent dogs you have ever seen.

She has such wonderful beauty that it is difficult to describe it even in words.

Her cubs are super delicate and sweet like their mother. This dog always wants to give love to everyone, especially when it comes to rabbits.

Moreover, she is a mother of 22 cubs, not 2-3. They consider Bailey to be their mother, who takes great care of all her babies. They simply adore their mother.

They are most pleased and happy to sleep with her for a long time.

According to dog owners, this wonderful girl has always been very sweet and kind.

So they were not at all surprised by their beloved dog’s caring attitude towards rabbits.

She sniffs them, hugs them, and even licks them like their real rabbit-mom would.

Once the video was uploaded to the Internet, it immediately went viral. It was watched by more than three million people.

In addition to the 22 rabbits, Bailey also has a big place in her heart for another wonderful creature, which has also become a member of their home.

They are so wonderful. By watching this video, your infinitely positive day will surely be guaranteed.

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