The cat stayed with the grandpa who was sick and they’ve become friends for life now


Kelly Najent’s father was ill and she came to New York to take care of him. She also decided to bring her lovely Potato, her cat.

It turned out that the father had bone marrow cancer and was receiving treatment.

So Kelly wanted to be with him during those difficult times.

True, the girl’s father loves animals, but he loves dogs more and has never kept a cat before, because he did not consider them useful creatures.

But this wonderful cat, Potato, changed all his perceptions of these creatures.

The cat and her father simply became inseparable within two months.

They now worship each other and do everything together.

His daughter could never have imagined that they could be friends with each other like that.

Nugent made adorable videos and decided to post them on the Internet.

They were immediately spread and gathered significant views. The girl even read all the warm comments to her father and it made him so happy.

Her father’s favorite joke is that he and the cat are almost twins, cause they understand each other so well.

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