This bowl just amazes everyone with its fun trick, who likes to land on the heads of people


All animals are known for their amazing and interesting actions. They are all unique and always amaze us.

This bird is not far behind and immediately became known on the Internet for this fun and at the same time strange habit.

The thing is, he just likes to land on people’s heads after flying.

Moreover, we should mention that he is a European owl.

A man from the Netherlands named Meno Schaefer has decided to shoot this funny owl trying to touch the heads of the villagers in the area where he mainly lives.

Moreover, they all already know him and are familiar with his funny habit.

It decides to land on people’s heads to rest for a while before moving on to another resting place.

The man says that as soon as he picked up his camera to shoot it, it jumped from his head to the head of the person standing behind him.

The cute owl always gathers all the villagers around him and seems to surprise and amuse everyone with his trick.

People from different countries come here to see the amazing owl and take pictures with it.

He’s so funny, isn’t he?

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