The real star of the movie, the Black Beauty named Billy, celebrated her 30th birthday with fans


Billy is an Orlovian racer who has starred in several films and is quite a famous horse.

He was only four years old when he starred in the film․

Since that years he has stayed on the Marion Farm in Wales, which had bought him to star in previous films.

Marion loves him very much and always tells about the horse in many interviews.

The beautiful lady is now retired, spending her wonderful days with her lovely friend.

She is quite popular with her stunning beauty, and also she has many fans all over the world.

Her owner decided to have a real party for her beloved horse and invite her fans to the horse’s birthday party. It’s her 30th birthday.

A beautiful horse loves people very much. When he notices that someone is going to the stable door, he stops eating and comes to greet them.

The proud horse is always remembered for his roles in the films.

Those, present at his party had a very happy day with her and wrote that it was wonderful to just meet her.

Even the childhood dream of many came true, as they had noted. Happiest birthday to you, beauty.

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