After being rescued two adorable dogs became inseparable friends and live their best life now


This is Picasso, a five-year-old dog that has already gained great popularity. The thing is that the dog was born with a crooked nose.

The other is Newt, Picasso’s friend. He is one year old and was born without an upper jaw.

These two are united by their unique appearance and they are now best friends.

When 53-year-old Liesel Wilhard met these two, she simply could not remain indifferent.

It is true that they have certain external differences compared to other dogs, but that does not prevent them from leading a happy life, which is provided for them by their beloved mother.

Liesel takes a very good care of them and does everything she can to make them feel safe and secure.

They have a wonderful time together, playing all day and walking together. They both like to communicate with people when they are in public.

They like to communicate with everyone and be treated warmly by them.

Unfortunately, there are many people who, seeing them, react badly.

But in spite of all that, they are happy to have a caring mother and a loving friend by their side.

They have already fully adapted to their physical differences and certain limitations.

The bond between the two has grown stronger over time. They seem to be made for each other. They’re so lovely. Let’s send them a lot of love.

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