2-legged dog, who had been found in a garbage bag, now can walk due to his prosthetic legs


This pup was trapped in a garbage bag. He was in Toronto. When he was born, he was thrown out like garbage.

Now this beautiful dog, namedCupid, has captured the hearts of many. He also had new prosthetic legs implanted.

The dog was raised by The Dog Saviors, Inc. under proper care. His veterinarian noted that his disability was due to an inherited condition.

He was given prosthetic legs by Pawsability in Toronto. Here is how it all happened.

A passerby rescued him when he heard voices coming from the landfill. The immediate route to the clinic was reassuring for the rescued dog.

At first he cried all the time and refused to eat. The thing is that he was returned 3 days after the adoption and he was very broken.

In time, his story turned into great news, as many people became interested in him and helped him after he resigned.

Thanks to the donations, they were able to cover a number of expenses, including the cost of the wheelchair.

The beloved child was once the favorite of his adoptive parents, he thought he had his perfect home.

Cupid now leads a wonderful life there with his dog siblings.

Cupid’s story is very moving. The world came together and did everything it could to make this little baby exist.

After this wonderful story, let us just be grateful to all those who are always by our side.

Hope that everyone feels as grateful and blessed as we do.

Thank you for saving so many lives.

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