Minnie is one of the smartest dogs in the world who amazes everyone with his awesome tricks


Meet this wonderful creature, Miss Minnie, who is only 7 months old here.

She likes to eat delicious food the most, as well as to do some exercises and sunbathe.

He is actually a therapeutic dog in training. Her mother is making wonderful videos with her wonderful dog.

She is so wonderful. In the videos, the sweet dog ​​shows his many talents, from painting to skateboarding.

Minnie attracts everyone with all her charm and beauty.

At just seven months old, she was able to do amazing things that some dogs could never seem to learn.

Minnie is very talented and always ready to learn new things.

Her breed, of course, is well known to many for their distinctive abilities, intelligence and activity.

You will be surprised to see that Minnie is not trained by a professional dog trainer, but simply trained at home.

She shows great tricks here. Watching this video, you will fall in love with this little beauty like us.

In one episode, when the mother sneezes away from the camera, the little dog quickly picks up the napkin and hands it to his mother.

This little dog is just a miracle.

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