The mommy horse had just given birth when suddenly something very unexpected happened


This is, Jenny, the owner and also founder of Saratoga Stad located in South Africa. She just adores horses and is so passionate about them. Here is one of her favorite horses, Daisy. Daisy recently became pregnant with her first foal.

The horse had already given birth when Jenny and her partner Guy were called to the stable by their guard. Fortunately, they were able to assist the horse in giving birth.

She is now the proud mother of a beautiful Palomino foal named Don Quixote. Newborn baby was quite small, considering Daisy’s size. They were still admiring her and discovering her beauty when something very unexpected happened.

As they approached Daisy to check on how she was feeling, they noticed that she was giving birth again. It was such a pleasant surprise.

Shortly afterwards, Daisy gave birth to another daughter, a duet named Cremello. According to Jenny, the 2 sisters are inseparable and always stay together, only go to their mother for a drink. She also says that they will never be sold and will stay together.

This rare case was certainly unusual this time around. Although they are very small, they are very beautiful. Jenny is excited that they are both on the farm.

Daisy the mother horse and her two babies feel very well. They are all healthy and they also take good care of the horses. Here is such a wonderful story.

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