The sweet dog adores snow so much that invented a very funny game, and it will definitely make you laugh


Definitely this wonderful creature knows how to entertain himself and enjoy his life. He is so funny . He does a lot of things that entertains his family members.

One day, as they were out for a walk, their owner decided to take a picture of their favorite pet with a camera so we could enjoy too. This dog starts to lie on the highest part of the slope, slides to the end, lying on its back.

Even though he is already an ‘adult’, this smart dog still wants to have fun as a baby. She knows how to enjoy her time and create winter fun. The funniest part of all this is when she jumps down the slope. The dog adores to play on a snow hill.

The dog finds his new game so much fun and there seems to be nothing more enjoyable for him. When he reaches the end, he runs back up the hill to start his hike again.

It reminds about memories of children playing with their sleds on a perfect, snowy day. Then, after all the fun, this playful dog returns home very happy from his walk and waits for yummy food from his owners.

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