The cat waits for its owner all day long to perform their usual stretches together


Daisy is a beautiful baby cat and looks like a fur ball. He is especially active and kind when it comes to his family.

Most of all, he is connected with his father, with whom he created a wonderful daily life, which touched the hearts of Internet users when it was spread on social networks.

This cat likes to cuddle in his father’s arms the most, but he especially enjoys being helped by him to stretch.

Daisy eagerly awaits her every day so that they can perform the most beautiful stretches you have ever seen.

It all started when Daisy’s father, Cullen, watched some videos on TikTok about pulling the kittens and decided to do it with his cat as he saw how the cat stretched out its front legs.

Daisy, on the other hand, was very happy with his father’s help, and it has become a good habit in their family ever since.

Every time he returns home, he waits for him in the furniture near the door, so that when he enters, he immediately remembers that it’s time for their daily stretching.

He just adores it. The kitten’s mother decided to post a funny and sweet video on her Facebook account after witnessing the daily life custom of these two.

Daisy’s favorite moment is definitely when she stretches with her father’s help.

Despite the fact that it is not required of Cullen, the cat definitely reminds him not to stop.

It is a very important thing. Their blood pressure drops when they sleep or rest, lengthens the muscles, increases the flow of oxygen, which gives them a feeling of well-being, allows them to stay alert.

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