As they were sailing, they heard some cries for help and rescued the little cat


Earlier this month, Natalia Nikitina and her family went sailing and swimming in the Black Sea when this accident happened to them and they gave this little creature a second chance to live.

They heard small screams as they drove through a deserted area. The voices came from a small kitten who was overjoyed to see them.

Ths is how everything happened. At first it was almost impossible to detect, but then they noticed a point moving in the distance. It was, of course, a kitten.

The water along the shore was too shallow for the boat to approach, but Nikitina insisted that the cat had found its way to them and they should save his life .

Before they how to do that, he jumped up and started swimming. After that, two members of their family dived in to him, as you can see in the footage.

It was so exciting moment. The cat was very hungry, but at least he was so grateful that he survived because of the people who were so compassionate.

The family stayed in place for a long time, hoping to see or hear another kitten on the beach, but this kitten seemed to be alone.

Upon his return, he was given fish to eat, which was probably his first meal in recent days.

Nikita thinks that someone has left her and it is clear that she would not have lived long if they had not arrived on time.

If they had not accidentally crossed the desert, the cat might not have survived.

The family not only saved the kitten from the dessert, but also decided to take him with them and keep him for the rest of their life.

Nikitina’s mother adopted a cat, now known as Aurora. Aurora is very cheerful, lively and friendly.

His new family does everything he can to overcome and forget his cruel days. They give him maximum love and care.

Aurora is slowly getting used to everything and she is definitely very grateful to her family for saving her and making her a full member of their family.

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