The family portrait of a lion family simply stunned everyone, capturing the whole Internet
Of course, it is not easy for photographers to photograph wildlife, especially if they want to take a family portrate. They have to wait until all the
The miracle dog just shocked everyone with his unbelievable transformation and has already found a very caring owner
Chichi was rescued from the streets of Texas, which was completely alone and scared in those cold streets. He was taken to a shelter to be cared for.
Meet the 21-year-old Chihuahua, who recently recognized the world’s longest-lived dog
This cute-faced dog has been officially recognized as the oldets dog in the world, which is already 21years old. The dog’s name is Toby.
You should watch the touching video, where pit bull with walking disabilities greets his owner after a long separation
Our beloved pets are always ready to give us their boundless love and warmth. We can always wonder how kind these creatures are. Here we have presented
The father took care of the baby lions until the mother would return from the hospital, but the cubs did not seem to be satisfied at all
Լion father Singa had to take care of the five cubs while their mother was in the hospital. She was recovering from an injury which was caused by another lion.
When the dog was brought to the shelter, he even couldn’t stand, but look how wondeful he looks now
Recently, a 10-month-old dog was brought to an animal rescue center. He had lost so much weight that you can easily see his bones․ All, that was known
The german shepherd became adoptive father for the wounded little deer, helping him recover
It is considered that german shepherds are very smart and loyal dogs that can even sacrifice their lives for the sake of their owners. Sarj is just like that.
The photographer managed to capture 2 wonderful owls, which was sharing a very tender moment
One photographer captured 2 sweet birds, which convey so much love to the viewers. Օwls are known to be solitary birds, so it was amazing to see such scene.
The tigress, which was probably injured by poachers, left her cub with the huntsman and disappeared.
Ivan had been working as a hunter in the forest for many years and of course he had met many animals during those years. Recently he met another wonderful animal.
A dog named Lilo helped bring the kitten back to life by giving her the love and warmth she needed most
Lilo is a very caring dog who lives in a house where there are many animals: her dog brother, many kittens and rabbits. Recently a new family member came