Hordes of crocodiles have taken over a beach in Brazil: hundreds of reptiles sit motionless and stare at one point


Hordes of crocodiles have simultaneously appeared on a Brazilian beach. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of reptiles are behaving extremely strangely.

They sit almost motionless and stare at one point. The reptiles do not react to the appearance of local residents.

The video with strange crocodiles was posted online by a local blogger, after which it quickly became viral. The post also appeared on Reddit, where commenters began to speculate on the reasons for the unusual behavior of reptiles.

It quickly became clear that the video was shot in the Pantanal region, the largest tropical wetland in the world. The beach is one of the rivers with sandy banks.

According to zoologists, the region also has the largest concentration of crocodiles in the world. Most of all (10 million) here are caimans. Apparently, they are the ones in the frames of the video.

Experts on large reptiles also pointed out that the behavior of caimans seems strange only at first glance. They are cold-blooded creatures that have gone out into the sun to warm themselves.

They stare at one point simply because they are resting, there is no need to hunt. The number of caimans is indeed high, but with such a concentration of reptiles as in the Pantanal, it’s not too surprising either.

In the video, however, this gathering does look strange:

For locals, the caimans pose no danger. People just wait for the crocodiles to go about their business.

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