Abandoned Kitten Goes on Trip of a Lifetime After Being Rescued by Tourists
A kindhearted couple was vacationing in South Africa when the borders got shut down due to quarantine. While they stayed at their hotel for a bit longer
The 3-day-old baby seal was asking for help and protection from passer-by
Օne day the staff of the yacht club in Strelna noticed a small creature crawling slowly on the ice. At the beginning the workers it was a dog, but after
This dog wandered the streets and was ignored by people until kind people finally noticed him
It’s a pity to mention this, but sometimes it’s better for the animal to stay in the street, than to have an owner who is indifferent or, even worse, cruel.
Poor puppy who had been thrown into a garage truck was spotted by volunteers and rescued
It would be so good for each animal to find its eternal home and have a happy life. These innocent creatures deserve the best. Although we always wish
After receiving cruel and indifferent treatment, the dog hesitates to return into that scary world, to people
Stray animals are vulnerable to almost everything. They must constantly struggle with the many challenges they face in life. A dog trying to find food
The cat could not stand without its owner and was always got upset until the man decided to take him to his workplace
One day one officer named Andy Simmons met a cat, which was running down the highway and decided to take with him home. They became friends, but because
The little kangaroo gets along well with people and because of his dog friend he also started behaving like a dog
A little kangaroo named Luna grew up without an mother from an early age. Fortunately, he was helped by caring people, because without their help the child
Fluffy Golden Retriever And Adorable Kitten Play Together For The First Time
How adorable are Bailey the Golden Retriever and her new friend, Simon, the kitten! Bailey really wants to play with the kitty and continuously tries to
Athletic Bulldog Saves the Day in Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial
Super Bowl commercials are something many people look forward to during the big game. Companies like Skechers go all out to create an advertisement that
The talented artist amazingly turns the foliage into sleeping little birds, and they are so gorgeous.
This talented artist is Claude Ponti, a famous book author and artist. His works just amaze everyone with their creativity and gorgeousness.