The once-thought-extinct night parrot has been spotted in Western Australia after long 100 years


There are now more dead animals than ever before. But because of those who appreciate wildlife, we also learn positive things about the resurgence of species that were once thought to be dead.

In a sanctuary in Western Queensland, a parrot species thought to be extinct was photographed for the first time in 100 years.

The nocturnal dangers that awaited birdwatchers were unknown. Four Broom pals have a lot of expertise tracking down avian wildlife.

They were on a nine-day birding expedition when they heard a bird sound close to a saline lake that wasn’t like other bird noises they are accustomed to.

It was a novel sound, they say, but they continued to be vigilant.

They discovered a nocturnal parrot with black, golden, and green feathers in the morning.

They instantly began taking pictures of the avian because they always have cameras with them.

The birdwatchers were overjoyed and ecstatic because they had worked hard to reach this point for a very long period.

These creatures are uncommon to find and in peril of extinction.

They are isolated to Australia. Night parrots were thought to be gone by experts, but now they have happily been discovered.

This is a fantastic chance to keep up with them and consider reproducing the species.

Watch the video above.

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