Only 5% can find the hidden umbrella! Try now!


Prepare for a head-scratching challenge that has left fans of picture puzzles in despair.

This particular enigma has been circulating on the internet, leaving perplexed viewers struggling to locate an umbrella in the forest scene provided.

In this dense forest filled with mushrooms, berries, and a variety of animals seeking refuge from the impending storm, an umbrella is cleverly concealed.

The scene captures the moment when rain is just beginning, and the three young hikers face the risk of getting drenched if they don’t locate their umbrella promptly.

Can you assist the three friends in staying dry by finding their lost umbrella within two minutes? If you can spot it in just 20 seconds, you’ll outshine 95% of viewers!

Once you’ve located the elusive umbrella, scroll down to confirm your answer.

The well-camouflaged green umbrella seamlessly blends into the environment, discreetly resting next to the tree on the right side of the picture.

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