If you can find the six differences between the two images in just 20 seconds, you are an attentive observer.


In recent times, visual challenges and intelligence tests have gone viral on the web.

This type of activity is very useful to assess the level of attention of those who do it.

We can do them in groups or alone. They are excellent for spending time with our friends and family.

In this case, you will have to find the differences between these two images.

What makes these challenges complex is the limited time we have.

In this case, the time limit you have is a mere 20 seconds.

Although they may seem like a lot, they are actually very few to find all the differences in a short time.

We recommend using all the concentration possible and applying reasoning.

If you do this type of test every day, you will notice improvements over time.

Although there is no scientific evidence, many doctors recommend this type of activity to keep the mind active.

Especially as we age, our reasoning abilities may slow down and worsen.

In the illustration presented below, you can see that there are 5 workers who are working.

Each one is doing something different. One is painting, another is cutting wood, another is nailing on the wall.

They all have a different object in their hands and are wearing the same work suit.

On the side, however, there is a second photo that has some differences.

What you will have to do is find them all within the 20 seconds you have.

Will you succeed? To do this, you will need to sharpen your vision as much as possible and notice every little detail that may be useful.

Now focus and solve the test.

Did you manage it? It was certainly not easy.

If you couldn’t find all the differences, don’t worry.

Looking closely, you will notice that the differences are: the extra planks, the bucket, the smile of one of the workers, the missing tuft of hair, and the hand without a saw.

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