If you can figure out which child escaped through the window at night in just 10 seconds, you are an excellent observer.


There are many ways to keep one’s mental agility and intellectual abilities sharp, using what has become popular entertainment on the web in recent times.

We’re talking about visual tests, which are games of both logical-intuitive and psychological nature, allowing players to spend their leisure time in a fun and enjoyable way.

The various tests differ in type and difficulty level, thus being able to satisfy the tastes and abilities of all its users.

At first glance, many of these quizzes might seem easy to execute, but in reality, it’s not the case.

One needs to demonstrate a keen ability to concentrate and observe.

Just like in the visual test proposed today.

Its goal is to understand which child, among those in the image, has escaped through the window during the night.

Consistent practice in performing this type of test allows players to develop and enhance their mental activity.

This activity is stimulated not only by the puzzle itself but also by the often-required speed of resolution.

Generally, very few seconds are given for the completion of various quizzes.

Therefore, the ability to concentrate and visually analyze becomes crucial.

Returning to today’s test, as you can see for yourselves, the image presented shows five children resting in their beds.

Each child, at first glance, seems immersed in blissful and peaceful sleep.

But, in reality, it’s not the case for one of them.

If you observe carefully, you can see that the window is slightly ajar, as one child has escaped during the night and upon returning, forgot to close it.

Which child do you think escaped through the window?

You have only 10 seconds to find out! Good luck and have fun!

If you managed to figure out which child escaped through the window in just 10 seconds, congratulations!

Otherwise, no problem: we offer you the solution.

The girl on the left is wearing shoes, indicating that she escaped through the window and returned in time to her bed.

There will surely be other opportunities for you to demonstrate your undeniable intuitive abilities!

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