If you can find the dolphin in just 10 seconds, you are truly intelligent.


If you’re looking for a fun and useful activity in your free time, we’ve got one for you.

Today, we present a visual test in which you’ll need to find a dolphin that, apparently, is hiding from view.

These types of tests are not only great for passing the time but also for challenging your skills.

Although these tests may seem easy, they are not.

They require a lot of concentration and, above all, must be solved in a very short time.

In this case, you have only 10 seconds to find the hidden dolphin.

There is no scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of these tests, but many recommend them to keep the mind active.

How do you manage to solve these optical tests?

Obviously, you can’t rely on simple deduction.

You’ll need to reason in the shortest time possible and concentrate as much as possible to use your visual and intellectual abilities.

In this case, this test is very difficult, and very few have managed to solve it.

In the illustration below, you can see many people at the beach.

In the background, there are clouds and palm trees.

There are many people, all different from each other with colorful swimsuits and different towels.

A child is playing with sand, and other children are playing with a ball.

In this very complex image, you need to find where a dolphin is hiding.

Concentrate and look carefully at everything, trying to see any tiny element that can help you.

Now you have 10 seconds to find the dolphin, can you do it?

Did you manage to find it? If the answer is no, don’t worry.

We can give you a small hint and tell you to pay attention to the different towels on the sand.

If you look closely, one of the towels has a dolphin pattern.

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