If you can do it in just 6 seconds, you’re very sharp


Today, we present a fun visual challenge that is gaining popularity on the web.

It’s a simple quiz to solve in record time: you only have 6 seconds to let us know which umbrella is missing.

A brilliant mind will have no trouble grasping all the details and minute details present in the image and responding correctly within the imposed time limit.

This challenge is suitable for both adults and children.

So, start the clock and answer quickly!

In the image below, a series of umbrellas are depicted, following a specific sequence based on colors and designs.

Each umbrella has a precise decorative line and a specific color in each row.

In total, there are 8 that follow the exact order. Which one is the ninth?

Answer in just 6 seconds and prove you have a sharp mind.

Today’s challenge is not complicated, but the real difficulty lies in the imposed time limit.

Some people easily arrive at the solution to the puzzle but exceed the 6 seconds.

You need to set the timer and respond as quickly as possible.

Carefully observe the photo and try to identify the missing umbrella.

Soon we’ll reveal the solution to the challenge, and you’ll be able to compare your answer with the correct one.

If you exceeded the 6-second time limit, it means you need to train your mind with new quizzes and puzzles.

Only in this way will you stimulate your brain activity and maintain a clear and alert mind.

If you want to know which umbrella is missing, just look below, and you’ll find the solution.

Obviously, the missing umbrella is number 2.

It was the only one needed to complete the correct sequence of umbrellas.

You can notice that in the image, each umbrella has a different color and decoration.

The missing umbrella was the smooth red one.

Share this challenge with your friends and test their mental abilities.

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