This visual puzzle is 82 years old, but only true geni can solve it


This puzzle first appeared in 1960 in a Soviet magazine.

Even then, many people had difficulty solving the quiz, and to this day, only a few can find the correct answers.

Test yourself and challenge your skills by answering some questions about this 82-year-old puzzle.

The author of this image wanted to ask questions about some details. There are a total of five.

Here are the five questions of the puzzle:

Which season does the image represent?

What month are we in?

Does the house have running water?

Who else lives in the apartment, besides the father and the son shown in the image?

What is the father’s occupation?

Try to answer these five questions to solve the puzzle.

Look carefully at the image and try to capture all the signals and details that the author wants to convey to the readers.

Only by stimulating your intellectual abilities can you achieve better results for yourself and find the solution even to a difficult question like this.

If you couldn’t answer correctly, here are the solutions to the questions:

The figure depicts winter. The hint comes from the boy wearing boots, and you can also see the presence of a working stove.

There is a calendar next to the father.

The numbers are not visible, but it is open to the last page – the last page should be December.

There is no running water in the house. Just look at the boy washing his hands in the sink.

It can be inferred that there is a girl in the house because there is a teddy bear on the chair, and there are dolls next to it.

Nothing indicates the presence of the mother.

The father works as a doctor. This is clear with a stethoscope.

Were you able to answer the questions the image author asked?

If your answer is negative, don’t give up.

It means you need to continue keeping your mind trained with other quizzes.

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