Intelligence Test: If you can figure out who has more money, you are very clever.


Intelligence tests challenge your mental reasoning abilities to solve puzzles.

The more you engage in such challenges, the more trained your brain becomes.

Stimulating the mind is a way to stay sharp and active.

For this reason, we propose a test with no time limit: who has more money between Elena and Paola?

Try to answer correctly and challenge yourself.

In the image, the following description is clearly visible: Elena has 10 euros.

If she had 3 euros less, she would have half of what Paola has. Who has more money?

To solve this puzzle, you need to engage in logical and mathematical reasoning.

So, focus and try to set aside a few minutes of your day to find the correct answer to the test.

You don’t have to rush but try to perform the operations correctly to answer the question of who has more money between Elena and Paola.

If you have difficulty finding the answer, it means you are not accustomed to participating in this type of test and puzzles, and your mind is not trained enough.

Before reading the answer and understanding how the solution was reached, make one last attempt.

There is no time limit, but you can reason calmly.

If you still don’t know who has more money between the two, we’ll give you the solution.

The answer was Paola. To find the solution, you had to perform the following operation: subtract 3 from 10, which equals 7, and then multiply it by 2.

The final result is 14 euros. So while Elena had 10 euros, Paola had 14 euros.

Don’t give up and find other games on the web to train your mind and tackle the upcoming challenges.

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