Visual puzzle: Put on the detective’s shoes and solve the visual riddle: discover the culprit and the victim as quickly as possible.


We are constantly looking for ways and situations to help lighten the daily mental load we are subjected to.

In this context, among the various forms of virtual entertainment that have become increasingly popular on social networks, visual tests undoubtedly stand out.

These are challenges, puzzles, and pastimes that serve as a pleasant diversion for leisure and to occupy one’s free time delightfully.

They vary in type and complexity, allowing each user to make a precise game choice based on their tastes and mental abilities.

In today’s article, we want to propose an interesting visual riddle that will allow you, for once, to step into the shoes of an investigative detective.

A mystery to unravel with a culprit and a victim to find.

The challenge focuses on the most classic of puzzles to solve: identifying the culprit of a murder, exploring every possible hypothesis among the clues present.

Anyone who decides to take on this riddle will be called to act in the role of the most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

A challenging task, especially considering that the mystery must be solved within a maximum of 15 seconds.

A series of clues listed below must be analyzed and examined thoroughly.

These clues should not only lead you to identify the culprit but also the victim of the murder.

In this particular riddle, 5 possible culprits depicted in the illustration are considered.

The only information we have is that the victim lost their life yesterday.

It is necessary to quickly arrive at the resolution of the puzzle to deliver the culprit of this wrongdoing to justice.

You have a total of 6 clues at your disposal.

Therefore, it will be thanks to them and your deductive skills as a detective that you can arrive at the solution to the mystery.

Dan: The guy wearing the orange shirt ran the marathon with one of the innocent men yesterday;

Mike: The man wearing the blue shirt was a farmer before moving to the city;

Jeff: The young man in the suit and tie is a computer consultant who will help Ben install a new computer next week.

Together, they have designed and built a computer;

Ben: The man in the lime green shirt met Jack six months ago;

Jack: The adult in the green shirt has been in isolation and is the brother of the culprit.

The perpetrator is missing a leg.

If, despite the six clues provided, you are still in the dark, don’t worry. We have an additional small hint for you:

“It is impossible for Dan (the marathon runner) to be involved in this situation.”

At this point, all that remains is for you to go back to the riddle image and try to solve it within the 15 seconds at your disposal. Good luck!

We initially excluded Dan because among the six clues provided, there was also the one about the culprit missing a leg.

Based on this specific condition, it was logical to exclude him as a plausible suspect since he participated in a marathon just yesterday.

Jack has been in isolation and has had no contact with anyone.

Ben is still alive as he plans to install a new computer. He is not Jack’s brother because they only met six months ago.

Therefore, only Mike and Jeff remain. Jeff is still alive because next week he will help Ben install a new computer.

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