Optical illusion: you’re a genius if you can find the feather hiding in the living room.


Here’s a new challenge for you. Today, we present a test based on an optical illusion.

This type of activity is becoming increasingly popular on the web, and more and more people are passionate about it.

Today, we offer you a very entertaining and at the same time very challenging one. Are you ready?

What are optical illusions? These are images that deceive our minds, making us see something different from what is real.

Our brain is tricked by perspective, colors, or light, omitting elements or distorting the original figure.

That’s why optical illusions are often difficult to solve.

How can we solve tests like this? These tests can be very challenging.

Often, there are time limits to solve this type of activity.

What we need to do is concentrate as much as possible on what we are observing and view everything in the shortest time possible.

While there is no scientific evidence proving how these activities can benefit our brains, they are certainly activities that can be useful for keeping parts of our brain active that we normally don’t use.

Moreover, they last very little, and dedicating only a few minutes a day could make a difference.

In the following image, we find ourselves inside a living room.

There is a strong light coming from outside. There are sofas, some paintings, plants, and many pieces of furniture.

Everything seems normal, but there is actually an out-of-place element that perfectly blends in with the surrounding environment.

Can you see it?

Were you able to find where the feather is hiding? If the answer is no, we’ll tell you.

Apparently, this small element hides in the plant pot and blends in perfectly with the rest of the colors.

That’s why it is very difficult to distinguish it from everything else.

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