If you can identify the error in the image, you are truly a genius.


In recent years, they have become an extremely popular source of virtual entertainment and a healthy and enjoyable moment of relaxation.

We are talking about the so-called “visual tests,” real challenges capable of lightening the mental burden to which we are constantly subjected, dealing with the thousand and more commitments that characterize our daily lives.

A fun, useful, and entertaining opportunity to make the most of our precious free time.

In today’s article, what we want to bring to your attention is a visual test centered on an illustration that contains a remarkable but not very evident error.

Very few users have proven able to solve the puzzle in the short time available.

Visual tests differ in type and difficulty level. Riddles, puzzles, enigmas: they are all games that aim to stimulate the process of reasoning and concentration to improve the player’s intellectual faculties.

The diverse and vast range of options allows the user to make a well-considered choice in line with both personal preferences and specific mental abilities.

Like any respectable visual challenge, there is certainly no shortage of difficulty in solving them.

Additionally, there is the challenge of the limited time set for the test.

As is often the case, this time frame unfolds in just a few seconds: for the visual riddle in question, you must not exceed 5 seconds.

Very little time granted, but if you succeed, you would be considered true geniuses.

We remind you of the challenge: identify the error in the illustration.

At first glance, nothing may seem out of place, but there is a glaring inaccuracy that not everyone can grasp.

We advise you to sharpen your eyes and observe every small detail in the image with extreme attention.

At this point, we leave you to the test and wish you good luck!

So? Were you able to identify the error in the visual test image within just 5 seconds?

If your answer is affirmative, we offer you our heartfelt congratulations!

The task was by no means easy. If not, do not worry: there will surely be many other opportunities in the future to test your intellectual abilities.

Above, we present the image containing the solution to the visual challenge.

As you can see, the error lies in the absence of the shadow of the lady sitting on the bench, despite the sunlight coming from the right

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