“Find the fourth face in the photo in 20 seconds, and you are truly intelligent.


Visual challenges and intelligence tests are gaining more and more popularity lately.

Many people are getting passionate about various quizzes that are spreading on the web, creating real competitions and challenges.

Today, we present a visual puzzle that has put thousands of users to the test: if you can find the fourth face in the image in just 20 seconds, you can consider yourself an expert puzzle solver.

The image depicts three gentlemen having a discussion in a countryside setting.

It may seem like they are the only ones in the photo, but in reality, there is a fourth face.

Try not to be deceived and carefully observe the entire image. You have only 20 seconds to solve the challenge.

Intelligence tests and visual puzzles help stimulate logical-deductive reasoning.

Searching for the solution within the required time limit activates the brain, which must be responsive to the visual cues triggered by the game.

Only through consistent practice will your mind react quickly to this kind of challenge.

Today’s test is not impossible to solve for a well-trained mind, but if it’s your first time encountering this type of game, you may face some difficulties.

The secret is to notice the smallest details that will reveal the solution to the test.

Did you find the fourth face within the 20 seconds given?

If you’ve made it this far and want to see the solution to the game, look below.

The fourth face was none other than on the right side of the photo behind the trees.

It is an image engraved with facial features reproduced on a stone.

If you struggled with this challenge, the key is to practice with visual games and puzzles to improve your visual skills.

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