Discover which of them is lying. Only if you’re an enigma star can you find the solution.


Visual puzzles and tests are becoming increasingly popular on the internet.

Many of these quizzes have gone viral, with entire families challenging each other to determine who is the smartest at home.

These fun riddles really stump a lot of people.

Only those with a brilliant and perceptive mind can solve these puzzles.

Can you tell me which of the two boys is a vampire? Only 2% of users can pass this extremely difficult quiz.

In this challenging test, you are asked only one question: Who is the vampire among these two?

If you can give the correct answer, you are true enigma stars.

You have only 7 seconds to find the solution. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

The timer has started; you have only 7 seconds to figure out which of the two boys is a vampire.

The image is simple: a nurse is asking the two boys for an explanation.

She found a blood bag completely empty, so one of them drank it and is a vampire.

But who among the two is the vampire? Observe all the details carefully, but hurry, time is really short.

98% of people cannot pass this extremely difficult test.

You can have fun challenging all your friends and family to discover who among you is the true enigma star.

Time’s up; have you found the solution to the quiz?

Let’s see if your answer is correct or not. Here’s the solution to this test.

The correct answer is that the boy is the vampire; he has blood on his mouth.

Meanwhile, the girl is holding a simple fruit juice. Did you manage to solve the test in just 7 seconds?

Congratulations, you are a genius, and enigmas no longer have secrets for you.

If you couldn’t figure out which of the two boys was the vampire, don’t worry; you can practice with other tests and quizzes.

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