Visual challenge: If you discover which of the two guys is in a relationship, you have remarkable deductive skills.


Test your visual skills with a logic puzzle that demonstrates your ability to solve a quiz using deductive reasoning.

But be mindful of the time—you only have 10 seconds to find the correct answer.

Look at the image below and try to discover which of the two guys is in a relationship.

Examine the two photos compared and try to spot the smallest details that can suggest the correct solution.

The problem-solving skill in this challenge lies in focusing and identifying the specific detail that reveals which of the two guys is in a relationship.

The images depict two people sitting on the couch: one is decidedly neater, and the other less so.

Both are engaged with their phones, and we don’t know if they are talking to someone or listening to music.

Can you find the detail that indicates which of the two has a partner? Visual challenges test your intellectual abilities and stimulate the mind.

Only by consistently practicing can you improve your attention and observation skills.

Try to find the solution to the puzzle quickly; remember, you only have 10 seconds.

If you still haven’t figured out which guy is in a relationship, don’t be discouraged.

It means you need to practice more with new visual and logic challenges to improve your skills.

If you’ve come this far and want to discover the solution to this quiz, just look below, and you’ll find the answer to the test.

The guy in a relationship is the one who appears more untidy of the two: the detail that revealed it lies in the women’s slippers left under the couch.

This challenge wasn’t difficult. It just required a bit more attention to solve the puzzle.

Always try new intelligence tests and logic quizzes to be better prepared next time.

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