Logic challenge: Use your wit and find the 5 errors in 9 seconds; only 1% succeed


More and more people are engaging in visual challenges and logic tests that put mental skills to the test.

On social media, riddles and puzzles of all kinds are becoming increasingly popular—time trials that challenge users to solve games within a few seconds.

Today, we present an apparently normal image showing a scientist conducting experiments in a laboratory.

However, the photo hides 5 logical errors. If you can find them in just 9 seconds, you are true quiz experts.

If you pay the right attention and focus exclusively on today’s viral challenge, you can spot the 5 hidden logical errors.

However, the time limit is extremely short. You have only 9 seconds to solve the visual puzzle.

A well-trained mind and an attentive eye can tackle the challenge.

Be aware that the difficulty level of this puzzle is indeed high.

Only 1% of people who attempted this game solved it within the time limit.

They are the true experts in quizzes and visual tests—individuals with trained minds who have tried challenges like this many times.

So, the only thing to do is set the timer and search for the 5 logical errors.

If you exceed the time limit or can’t find all the mistakes, don’t be discouraged.

You just need more practice. This challenge is truly difficult.

If you’ve made it this far and want to know the solution to the challenge, just look below, and you’ll find the reported errors.

Have you managed to find the solution to this challenging visual challenge?

The only way to improve mental skills is to get involved and always try intelligence tests and visual puzzles to keep your mind sharp and trained.

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