Logic puzzle, test your skills and find the glaring error in 7 seconds


One of the most popular pastimes lately is represented by visual challenges and logic tests that are increasingly spreading on social media.

Many people enjoy testing their intelligence and perceptual skills by attempting to solve various types of quizzes and puzzles.

Today, we present one that will challenge most of you. In fact, so far, only 2% of users have solved it.

In the image, there is a logical error. Can you spot it in just 7 seconds?

Solving this visual challenge requires a keen attention to details and the smallest particulars.

However, it must be done in a very short time because it is a timed test.

Try to observe the photo meticulously to identify the logical error present.

A well-trained mind is certainly advantageous compared to those attempting this kind of challenge for the first time.

The true difficulty of this challenge lies in the time limit.

7 seconds is really not much. And that’s why only a small percentage successfully solves the test.

If you think you have good deductive skills, you just have to try the puzzle and give the correct answer.

In the image, a father and a son are depicted entertaining themselves by building a tower with geometric shapes.

Where will the logical error be in this photo?

Try to look beyond what your mind shows you and do not focus on the foreground figures.

This small hint will help you understand what it is.

If you want to know the solution to the test and verify that your visual skills are up to the challenge, you just have to look below, and you will find the answer.

The logical error was represented by the giraffe inside the aquarium, something impossible in reality.

Don’t stop here, but always try new intellectual challenges and stimulate your mental abilities even more.

Only with good exercise will you achieve good results.

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