Test your vision, discover where the fake Twitter logo is hidden to prove you’re a genius.


Everyone nowadays knows the famous Twitter logo, the well-known social network that gathers millions of users worldwide.

But at this moment, we don’t want to talk about virtual reality.

Instead, we want to draw your attention to a fun game that has intrigued thousands of people and that only a few have managed to solve.

In the image of this visual challenge, many logos are placed side by side.

It almost seems like an optical illusion. In truth, one of them is wrong.

If you can spot it, you have exceptional visual skills.

Visual challenges help activate logical-deductive reasoning that will improve your mental abilities to solve various problems.

In this case, you need to be good at sharpening your vision and identifying the only fake Twitter logo.

It’s not an easy challenge, but with a bit of attention and the right concentration, you can arrive at the final solution on your own.

This game has captivated thousands of users on the web, making it go viral.

However, only a few have managed to find the wrong logo.

The secret to skillfully solving this challenge is to carefully observe the image and quickly spot those details that make a difference.

In a visual game like today’s, real skill lies in meticulously examining the photo and demonstrating your abilities.

It’s not a timed test, but if you solve it quickly, it means you have excellent visual skills.

Returning to the challenge, did you find the fake Twitter logo?

If you haven’t succeeded yet, it’s time to reveal the solution.

The fake Twitter logo was in the penultimate row, the second from the right.

If you look closely, the bird does not have its beak turned upwards, a typical position of the social media logo, but rather straight.

Here’s the solution revealed.

How many of you managed to find the error in this photo on your own?

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