Observe the two images and find the three differences in 20 seconds: if you can do it, you’re a genius


On the web, you can find a myriad of games and pastimes that are very popular among enthusiasts.

Visual challenges and mental puzzles entertain thousands of people who enjoy putting their skills to the test and testing their IQ.

More and more often, riddles that stimulate powers of observation and mental abilities, finding the final solution in a short time, are sought.

Today, we propose one of the most beloved games on the web, namely finding the differences by comparing two images.

However, remember that you have only 20 seconds to solve it!

Looking at the images below, they may seem identical at first glance, but in reality, they differ in three small details.

These are almost imperceptible differences that test your powers of observation.

It’s not easy to spot the different details between the two images, but by sharpening your vision and with good prior mental exercise, you can find the correct solution.

However, there is a time limit of only 20 seconds to solve the visual challenge.

So concentrate and try to quickly identify the three differences.

If this is the first time you’ve tried a game like this, you will undoubtedly encounter difficulties.

It may seem impossible to solve the puzzle because the differences between the two images are really small.

But with a well-trained mind, you can find the final solution independently.

Stimulating your visual abilities by constantly trying games of this kind will help your mind stay alert and skilled in problem-solving.

It all depends on how much you practice.

If you want to discover the final solution to the test, you just have to look above.

The differences are all circled in red. One is the girl’s glass containing less juice, the second is the drawing on the phone screen, the third is the different lines on the T-shirt.

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