Visual challenge: Find the hidden book in the image and prove you have a brilliant mind!


Finding moments of pure relaxation and carefree enjoyment is increasingly challenging in today’s fast-paced world.

The hectic pace of our personal and professional commitments subjects us to a high level of daily stress, which everyone tries to cope with in their own way.

In this regard, new forms of virtual entertainment seem to respond well to this specific purpose, gaining popularity in recent years.

With the advent of social networks, the so-called “visual tests” have attracted a growing number of users, offering challenges to test and demonstrate their mental abilities.

In today’s article, we want to present a visual riddle featuring a hidden book in the illustration.

The objective of the game is to search for and identify the book within a specific time frame.

Visual tests not only provide users with the opportunity to spend their free time engaging in enjoyable activities but also, and above all, to stimulate their logical-intuitive skills.

These challenges involve various levels of reasoning processes and a keen observational ability.

The wide and diverse range of options allows each user to make a well-considered choice about the type of test they want to tackle.

Another common element among most of them is the limited time available for completion.

In the case of the specific visual riddle, the time frame for resolution is only 8 seconds.

It’s a brief period to accurately locate the hidden book in the image.

The illustration focuses on a skateboarding competition involving a group of 5 children.

Sharpen your vision and concentrate carefully on every detail in the illustration. We wish you good fun!

Visual riddle solution: Here’s where the book is hidden in the image.

So? Did you manage to solve the visual puzzle and find the hidden book in just 8 seconds?

If your answer is affirmative, congratulations!

If not, no problem: there will surely be many other opportunities to take on different challenges.

Above, we provide the image containing the solution to the visual test.

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